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Emerald Hills Capital bases its strategy on investing in securities with strong financial fundamentals and excellent growth prospects. The basic strategy is to hold positions with a time horizon of at least two years for maximum price appreciation. Generally, Emerald Hills tends to focus on small to mid-cap companies that do not receive high level of analyst coverage. Such relatively unknown companies often tend to produce returns superior to widely followed enterprises.

Emerald Hills avoids market timing and frequent trading, believing that this approach typically hurts, rather than enhances, overall performance. To this end, Emerald Hills intends to keep portfolios fully invested, which generates maximum potential for excellent returns. While Emerald Hills invests in a number of different companies in different industries, diversification solely to achieve sector, market capitalization, geopolitical location, or any other type of representation is not an explicit goal.

Emerald Hills may realize additional profits from the inevitable failure of the vast majority of options and derivative traders who attempt to time the market. This strategy enables our portfolios to dampen the effects of market declines, generate income when the underlying securities remain stagnant, and keep pace with rising valuations. Emerald Hills should therefore be able to protect assets more effectively than if those assets were invested in individual securities or mutual funds, while providing a higher return than either of those vehicles tend to produce.